Our NEWEST Style Boots

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'High 'n Tight' Style Boots

The style name says it all!. It's that simple!

This is our latest style for men... 'High 'n Tight' Style Boots.
'High' boots at 30 inches tall. 'Tight', as in the fit... they contour to your legs.
('Snug' might be a better word but ...)

This style gives you the great feel of an over-knee-boot with a practical side, as well.

... Ranger style lug soles that are great to walk in

... extra shaft height that you know you want...

... full side zipper for a great sleek fit on your legs and easy 'on and off'!

Available in any color you'd like from our leather color chart.
(Click here to see the colors).

Shown here in red to stand out and because our Webmaster is a wild guy!


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