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Here is a summary of the measurements and information we need to make your custom boots.
We may not need every measurement shown on our chart unless you are ordering our tallest boots.

Take a few minutes to study our chart and what measurements we will need.

Measurements are most accurate if you take them using a cloth tape measure, rather than a plastic one. (The plastic ones can stretch!)

Measurements in US inches.

Male or Female:
US Size and width:

1. Length of Foot
2. Around Toes
3. Around Ball of Foot
4. Ankle/Heel
5. Around Ankle
6. Around Calf
  6A. Taken at what height up leg

7. Around Knee
  7A. Taken at what height up leg

8. Around Leg Above Knee
  8A. Taken at what height up leg

9. Around thigh
  9A. Taken at what height up leg

10. Around leg at Top of Boot
  10A. Taken at what height up leg
We will also need to know your ...

Choice of Leather:
Color Of Boot Shaft:
Color of Vamp:
Style of Toe:
Heel Height:
Heel Type:

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Printable Measurement form.

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