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'Christmas in July'!
Why not?
Give yourself a gift of a new pair of boots!

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The song says... "June is busting out all over!"

Time for you to 'bust out' in the boots of your dreams!

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               makes boots that are made-to-order!

So, what is made-to-order?

(made-to-o-r'dr) adj.
1. Made in accordance with particular instructions or requirements; custom-made.

Customers must realize that 'custom' boots are not a 2-click online item! Making your boots does take your input and patience!

We thought we'd remind you that the making of the boots of your dreams takes time. Thank you for your input and patience!


You 'May' want new boots...

Whatever your style, we can make it!'

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"The boots of your dreams' from

Take walking to 'new heights' in the boots of your dreams! We have the boots for you!

Start your order here!...
"The boots of your dreams' from!

100% Stretch Leather Boots
with rubber 'sneaker' style sole.

You've seen boots like these in the city...
You've seen them on the runway...

Now get them on your feet!
... for much less than the 'designers' charge!

100% Stretch Leather, rubber 'sneaker' style sole.
(The only sole color available is white)

Shown as knee-high at 24" inch shaft height*
(* ask the price for different shaft heights.)
Can be made any height shorter or larger

The 'look' and comfort you desire…At a price you can afford! NOT the rediculous 'designer' price!!


These are just $349. as shown.


Harness Cowboy Boots, 18.5 Inches Tall
You've been wanting a pair of boots like these!
(Click to enlarge. Click again to reduce the picture and view more!)

18.5 inch tall shaft, 100% leather with 2.5 heel. Custom Made Boots in your size!
Sole and heel are made of rolled stacked leather, inner sole and interior lining are 100% leather!
This Harness Cowboy Boot is another of our custom-made boots... handmade for you!

Order your pair here!
Available in any color from our color charts!

JUST $198. plus shipping!

Think of yourself as the boot designer ...
Simply imagine the pair of boots you'd like, tell us exactly what they should look like and which features you would like, and we will build you 'the boots of your dreams!"

Let's get started ...

Just click on our Boots link here or above, to see the styles we offer!  (Take note of the 'Style Name or Number" you'd like!)

Want your boots now? Maybe you'll find a pair in our In Stock Boots!
Check them out here!

Boots that have proven to last a lifetime and boots you will be proud to own and wear!

Custom Boots by Miguel Jones from Custom-Boots.NET

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